Tips for using wax melts

Tips for using wax melts

To some it may seem simple using your wax melts and other scented products, and feel as someone who has tried and tested different products and variants i feel like instead of gatekeeping tips ive found along the way i thought i would share them!


1. choosing the type of melter or burner to suit your needs

For me i have a mix of burners around the house depending on the room theyre in kids bedroom & kitchen i have a hotplate warmer no bulbs or tealights needed number one for safety in my mind, these release the scent very slowly and are alot more subtle meaning you get longer out of your melts and they dont need changed regular these can also melt your candles without the use of a lit wick,  thus eliminating the chances of soot. It uses heat to warm the wax and gradually melt it.

In my living room, bedroom and bathroom i have the handblown glass melters ,Perfect for melting your melt wax and releasing the scent into your home. Simply put a tea light inside the burner and place your wax melt on top these type of burners produce a strong hot throw from the wax as they are being heated at a high temperature hence heating the wax quicky and efficiently .



2. choosing a high-quality wax melt

When choosing your wax make sure you are choosing someone who is fully CLP-compliant this tells you straight away that this is someone who has done their research and has followed trading standards and rules hence meaning that burning this in your home is safe.

There are so many waxes around but if the vendor is anything like me they will have trialed and tested different waxes to find the one that fits them, I found for best cold throw and hot throw a blend of waxes suited me, I have been through thousands of scents too but not all make the cut, some wont work well with the wax and wont produce the quality you are looking for, and any vendor worth their weight will not put out substandard products so when choosing a vendor choose some one with knowledge and understanding and are also CLP compliant.



3. Use your choice of warmer in a well-ventilated area and only use warmers designed for melting wax as sometimes oil burners are not suitable the distance between tealight and wax has to be 10cm or this becomes a fire hazard, 9/10 these mini oil burners are the culprit of wax melt fires . image below giving an example 



4. Ensure there is room around the wax burner for the air and fragrance to circulate this is crucial to the scent movement and how it moves around your home 

5. NEVER leave a burner unattended, as melting wax can become extremely hot, you should always use 4-hour tealights in melters as these are ideal for giving you a cut-off for your burner to cool down, on hotplate warmers 10 hours should be fine as they have a temperature cut off section.

6. Lastly have fun choosing your scents do not be put off by names  as you would be surprised and what scents would turn your head, when I first started making I chose all the perfume-type ones I couldn't typically afford to wear 4 years later I'm loving the woody scents.


please let me know if you have any questions or would like any advice.


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I make my own melts but can never seem to get the smell as strong as the ones you buy.wht am I doing wrong


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