About me and my journey

About me and my journey

Ive wrote and deleted this about three times scared to put this out theyre !
I’ve met so many wonderful people in the past few years , so I thought I would do a wee post about myself and how I started !

First of all my names Yvonne and I’m a mum to two beautiful kids 🥰 over the years my mental health has been up and down about 5 years ago I took a full breakdown , I’ve always been an anxious person but during this breakdown I found out I had a condition and that’s why my anxiety was so bad I was diagnosed with GAD , social anxiety and panic disorder and in turn i ended up agoraphobic, I didn’t leave my front door for months it was that extreme I was scared to answer my front door and was taking in shopping through a window ( felt logical at the time ) I started making as a wee hobby for a form of distraction some thing to do instead of staring at four walls , my friends asked me to make for them and they would cover the costs

A year later I realised I was really creative and loved making cool unusual designs and I posted them online just to share and get feedback  this at that time was the only interaction I was having with people as my anxiety attacks were that bad I was passing out with them , my circle got smaller and smaller as the anxiety got bigger and bigger , it messed with everything , self confidence , family life , and my mental health , I couldn’t even take my kids to school it was so debilitating , but through it all sharing my wax with people and meeting people who were also other waxers gave me a lifeline ,

Only recently did I have the guts to make a website , this year has been a whirlwind , I built the courage to do a market it was awful for three days before it all I did was cry I was so unsure of myself and had zero confidence fast forward to now it is becoming easier ! I still get so so nervous the hours now before it are my worst but it’s not days now 🙂
I’m in no way recovered but each time I do something it’s a win for me wether it be walk my dog alone or have a day at market and meet new people
Making wax is more than just a hobby for me it’s been the thing that has gave me confidence again helped me trust myself again I never ever thought I would live a normal life again but everytime I’m claiming back a piece of me and my kids are seeing me fight ❤️ the guardian paper called me a while back asking to do a piece on my stuff but I refused , why ? Honestly Because I was scared , I know I still have a lot to work on but I’m hoping this gives someone hope , hope that one day the worst will be a distant memory ,
hope that you will live again ,
hope that nothing is permanent. This doesnt even touch the daily battles of the little things we take for granted but I wanted to share my story and hope it helps someone

This is for all youse warriors out theyre ! We’re stronger than we think ❤️ and of you find something you love reach for stars and go with it it could just be the thing that helps save you .
Thank you every single
One of use ! Everyone has a place in my heart and I will be eternally grateful for all your words of encouragement through the years I’m excited to watch the future holds ❤️ every days a new to day to move forward this is me and this is who I am 🥰
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