How to use a hoover disc

How to use a hoover disc

One question I get asked so many times is what is a Hoover disc and how to use it?

What is a hoover disc?

Hoover discs are all the rage atm, they are small round discs that are fragranced and use airflow to dispense scented aromas into the air these can be purchased from us in a range of scents HOOVER DISCS – Meltsmyheartuk


How to use a Hoover disc?

Remove Hoover discs from packing, these should feel slightly damp but not dripping wet if this is the case damp them off with some kitchen roll.

discover where your Hoover filter is on your Hoover, a quick Google search should help with this, place the disc into your Hoover filter, and hoover around your home to release the scent into the air as you hoover.


Are Hoover discs safe?

Safe, easy to use and mess-free, hoover discs are so simple they might even make you want to hoover your carpets more! but as with any scented products I would always test first to make sure and air on the side of caution. These do contain synthetic fragrance oil making them the safer option around pets, unlike essential oils. 


Why choose melts my heart hoover discs?

First and most importantly we are fully CLP compliant our products have been tested to the highest standard, and we do not make or sell anything we wouldn't use ourselves. 

These come in a vast range of scents and we do take scent requests also.

If you don't fancy placing them in your hoover filter these can be used in your clothes drawers as a wardrobe freshener or even placed in your car in discreet areas to help scent the air.


please let me know if theyre is anything i can help with.

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