carpet dust

carpet dust or carpet powder what is it and how to use?

Carpet dust !!! if you are an 80s baby like me and remember the famous Shake n Vac and loved it then this one is for you!

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Bet you are singing the song now!

carpet dust


Roll on time and I'm now late 30s( not telling you my real age) and nothing fills me with more joy than blasting the house! but times change and scents change and no more boring vanilla and lavender we can now make in your favorite scents! Mine is in the scent hoover lines!CLEANING DUST – Meltsmyheartuk


What is carpet dust?

Cleaning your carpet to remove dirt and odors can be a time-consuming chore, but you don't necessarily need water and liquid detergents for great results. Achieving a cleaner, fresher-smelling carpet can be as easy as sprinkling on some carpet powder before you vacuum. the powder contains odor-neutralizing components and a high-quality fragrance oil, which is finely milled for you to sprinkle.

How to use it?

simply choose your favorite scent, and sprinkle lightly onto your carpets and rugs i leave mine for 15 minutes to get deep into the carpet to help remove odors and simply hoover back up. 



Always conduct a patch test with pets as every animal is different. Never directly apply to your skin. Please ensure you check your filter regularly when using carpet freshener as we will not accept liability for damage to vacuums caused by misuse. Black carpets do not leave for prolonged periods as can mark them.


Don't have carpet or rugs? What else can I do with my dust?

I sprinkle mine into the bottom of my bin before putting in the bin bag and this helps stop that rotten bin smell also after my wheelie bins have been cleaned I sprinkle into the bottom of the bin.


When the other half is cleaning the car he will sprinkle it very lightly onto the seats and brush it in, leave, and hoover, leaving the car smelling fresh.


I hope this helps and if i can answer any questions please just drop me a message.





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