Street market at silverburn and agoraphobia

Street market at silverburn and agoraphobia

So picture the scene right now  it’s Saturday morning the day before I head to the new street market at silverburn, I’ve been up since 6 am insides churning with anxiety for tomorrow ( panic disorder is the devil! ) so I thought I would try a diff approach and write this down so we’re going to do 24 hours in the day of Yvonne


Saturday 8.33 am

feeling agitated going through list after list in my head and nervous because I’m driving to silverburn myself for the first time panicking about what if I take a panic attack and pass out ( I pass out regularly with mine all medical tests have been done it’s attack related and vasovagal syncope due to emotional distress when these attacks happen ) 


sat 10.45 

realised my trigger I can’t park my car right beside my stall (whose brain even works like this ! ) the thought of not being able to flee has triggered me ! Spoke to the lady who runs the market  Lauren Fairfull and SHS events who tells me they’re is a car park just along a bit plus I can take my chair panick averted ! 

**I need to give a shout out to Lauren Fairfull , frank & Chris and Nicky  and the rest of the staff who are amazing and accommodating to me they put me beside my friend for support( she can tell an attack coming a mile off, and takes over )  and have never once questioned my anxiety or made me feel silly so if you're in the Scotland area looking for a great market stall contact shs events on Facebook or on website!

Saturday night - the car is packed ✔️ change tin sorted ✔️ clothes sorted for Tomox ✔️ anxiety high but just going to let it be and stop fighting the feeling cause it makes it worse know what else I learned recently agoraphobia actually means fear of the market place , how ironic it’s my chosen path to get better 😂✔️ the vendor list is up for this weekend it’s looking amazing will post a pik below! 

Sunday morning!

I am so excited and nervous to be heading over here it’s 5.30 am I’m getting my bag and change sorted picking up my sister-in-law to help me today 

Saturday morning 9 am 

I'm all set up driving in the market looks amazing despite the rain!  pulling in from the pollok side all you can see is the coloured canopy’s! My stall is all setup picture below I’m going to do a tour of some of the other vendors and I will post them below! 

Sunday afternoon 

wow, what a day so far! The market is vibrant and bustling despite the downpour !!! So far not one single panic attack I feel on a high! I’m beside my best friend who runs soaps and scrubs selling all the Spanish cleaning products! I think all we have done is laugh today!  top banter! Great footfall! I mean what more could I ask? The blue arrow is me! Can you believe it in amongst all the people ! soaps and scrubs spanish cleaning

Monday morning day after ! 

wow, what a day sold out of so much stock! Best sellers were Amalfi Coast, Frosted Wishes, and Snow Fairy! Up unloading the car! My Facebook page has increased by 25 people that I met yest! I had an abso amazing day! If you told me last year I would even be in the carpark of silver burn I would have laughed at you! Never mind being in the middle of it! Mjs Bakes and Louise’s traybakes had a sell-out! Well done ladies! Soaps and scrubs also will be up this morning restocking her items! I’m pretty sure many more were the same! Huge thank you to everyone who turned out to come along despite it being torrential! Shout out to SHS events for giving us small businesses and home crafters an opportunity to display our goods in centers that otherwise we could have only dreamed of showcasing our stuff at!  I’m on a high this morning reading messages from people I met yest and hearing their feedback on the wax and room sprays, nothing in the world will compare to this feeling of pride and a sense of achievement thank you !!! below are just some of the pictures I managed to get this was only 1/4 of the stalls there 🙌 so many more and I’m sorry if I missed anyone ❤️mjs bakes

here are some helpful links if you are going through the same 

Anxiety and panic attacks - NHS (

Shaan Kassam - YouTube i think this guys you tube has been important in my recovery and understanding

Contact Us | Samaritans

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