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A guide to reed diffusers

What is a reed diffuser? How do you use them? How long does a reed diffuser last? Are you looking for reed diffusers that work? Reed diffuser refills? These are just some of the questions we get asked and I'm here to help you :)

What is a reed diffuser?

Reed diffusers are popular home fragrance products that allow aroma to continuously diffuse into the air throughout an entire room or area. Compared to scented candles, reed diffusers produce fragrances that usually last longer and don't require an open flame. The reeds will take in bad odours from the air and disperse a nice fragrance in return.

How to use a reed diffuser?

Depending on where you purchase your reed from it depends on what vessel each seller is using, for our reeds it's simple, unscrew the silver lid and remove the stopper, screw back on the silver lid, and insert the reeds it's as simple as 1,2,3 now your reed diffuser is ready to go and leave your home smelling amazing.

they should now look like thisreed diffuser


Do your reed diffusers actually work?

Yes! we have tried and tested over 50 scents in our reeds and only 10 have made the cut for top scent throw, some scents do not work well in reeds and I would never sell something I'm not 100000% happy with and would purchase myself.

We only use top-quality fibre reeds(not rattan ) each stick has thousands of little holes in it which release the scent . These fibre reeds are strong and evenly coloured, delivering an excellent aesthetic.


How long does your reed diffusers last?

Following directions your reed diffuser will last up to 4/5months following the guidelines. 


reed diffuser

Do you sell refills?

yes! once you have purchased your first reed diffuser you can purchase refills from the site meaning you can change scent next time to try something different without the outgoing of buying the full unit, we advise only purchasing a refill to use in our tried and tested units for best scent throw our reeds have been tested along aside our bottles for optimum quality. REED DIFFUSERS & REFILLS – Meltsmyheartuk

click the link to read the reviews on our wonderful diffusers. 

Theyre is a reason why ours are one of the best selling reed diffusers in the uk!reed diffuser

we hope you enjoyed reading this and it helped you choose and learn how they work please let me know if there is anything I can help with.


huge love yvonne x

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